BIOS will not recognize eMMC

I ordered and received 8GB RAM and 256GM eMMC version. When I first booted board, BIOS did not show eMMC in the boot options. I was able to boot linux installer from USB. After installing linux on eMMC, I am still not able to boot because BIOS still does not see eMMC.

Why would product be offered with eMMC storage installed when BIOS cannot find it?

BIOS also cannot boot from Micro SD card, which makes me wonder what else on the board really works and what doesn’t?

Can you share some photos of bios?
And a link to purchase.
thank you.

OK here is a photo when I first go into BIOS that shows version number:

Here it shows that there is no media listed in boot options:

Here is what happens if I let the board boot – note that map says there is no mapping found:

Here is what the BIOS boot options screen looks like after I insert a bootable USB into a USB port:

I purchased it from this online store:


Also here is a picture from the back of the board:

Thanks for the reply, it seems to be a hardware issue.
Our after-sales colleague has contacted you, please keep an eye on your email messages.

if you want to install in the emmc,follow this wiki:
LINUX: Install the Ubuntu system | youyeetoo wiki
Windows:Install the Windows system | youyeetoo wiki

you need to install OS in the EMMC STAORAGE correctly,
it will show in the BIOS boot screen until there is an OS in the emmc storage.

I did follow those linux instructions. The emmc never showed up in the BIOS, either before or after I installed linux. The board acts as though the emmc is not there, even though the linux installer can find it.

Thank you! I have heard from your colleague and have sent him the requested information.