Banana PI BPI R2 Pro Rockchip RK3568

I need help with this  My Banana Pi R2 Pro has no Audio through the HDMI. There is apparently a patch for this, most the links are dead for it and there are no instructions how to patch it.

And this  the BPI(MT7615) only has Bluetooth Working, no WiFi. It may be because I have the WAN port connected, but I’m using the Debian 10 Image, not Android. It indicates that ONLY Android has this issue. I would like to allow WiFi as a Hot Spot option.

BPI R2 Pro has tested and supported wifi models.

WIFI Module Purchase link

Please try the headphone hole to see if there is sound output?

The refered to wifi module/s are not fast enough for my intent and not mini pcie, if the BP(MT7615) had not claimed compatibility with R2 Pro I would have gone another route.
I do not have headphones to connect to the headphones port, but I assume it probably works. What I have is an HDMI port on an amplifier to handle audio and pass through video. This BP R2 Pro is to handle a secondary home network with VPN and stream audio/video content while gaming on PC/Xbox one X.

For now, I’m trying to get VBox to run Debian 11 with Guest Additions so I can try building the source code with the HDMI patches that are supposed to fix the audio, also (from what I read) the version 6.1 main source should include the drivers for the MT7615.

I’m not sure this will work even if I can get the Guest Additions to function, it’s been a long time since I built from a source code and then I was using Windows 98 with Mingw and cygwin.

Is there going to be an issue with building it on ntfs vs ext4?

Okay, so I got VBox running Debian 11 and I did the setup to build 6.1 Main line, I also was able to get 6.3 Main. I’m not sure → what to do with the Kernel files after building them and from the looks of what I found there is a → Debian 11 image for Banana Pi R2 Pro, if so, I’m not sure why they have the main link pointing to Debian 10.

I’ve noticed some unpacking discrepancies on 6.3 Main with what Windows identifies as duplicate files.