Add files to a GitHub repo

Hi, thanks for the product. Could the staff at Youyeetoo please add the various files (images, sdk, manual, etc.) for YY3568 from the Google Drive link to Github? It would be very convenient and help foster wider development (something I believe everyone would benefit from) for the board. It would make it much more accessible for people who use Github frequently.

I have a repository here where a person has a tool to build debian images and is willing to add the YY3568 if the files are on Github. The tool already supports another RK3568 board, the ODROID-M1

The relevant Github issue is here:

The repository:

yes.In progress.

In the meantime, can I mirror the files? I can make a personal repo, no affiliation.

Well, do you have any interest to be one of our participants who could maintain our official Github, we could offer support and permissions for you.

I am certainly interested!

To make sure I can, could you clarify some expectations and responsibilities? I would rather not take on something I cannot do and cause an inconvenience.

Hello, I haven’t received a reply from Peter, what is the plan moving forward?

It seems Peter wanted to use GitLab, but it limits the total space useable by free accounts to 10GB. When I checked the total size of all the files from Google Drive was ~110GB.

we are working on it,use the repo tool

hi,can you help to test download speed from our servers ?

It started a bit slow, around 500 KB/s, and quickly moved to a stable 6 MB/s

My internet speed tested at was ~390 MB/s download and ~200 MB/s upload.

good, maybe it is a good way to share the SDK

yes definitely; i will do my best to add it to the repo and share it when classes settle down