About youyeetoo R1 SBC

The youyeetoo R1 is an Single Board Computer (SBC) designed by youyeetoo.com for the AIOT (AI of Things) market.Despite its compact size, it boasts powerful features, powered by the flagship RK3588s octa-core 64-bit processor from Rockchip, built on an 8nm process, with a high clock speed of up to 2.4GHz.

It integrates an ARM Mali-G610 MP4 GPU and features a built-in NPU (Neural Processing Unit) with 6 TOPS (Trillions of Operations Per Second) of AI computing power. It has faster speeds and lower power consumption, making it suitable for a wide range of AI application scenarios

Although the R1 SBC is only the size of a card (100 * 69.3mm), but it has a rich interfaces, including Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI output (supports 8K), Type-C, M.2 PCIe2.0, dual MIPI cameras and screens, 3 * USB2.0, 1 * USB3.0, 4 * UART serial port, 2 * I2C, GPIO * 7, SPI * 1, ADC * 2, CAN * 1 and other common interfaces for the AIOT(Internet of Things),it support multiple operating systems and can be applied to Edge computing, artificial intelligence, advertising machines, smart homes and other AIoT fields.

The most distinctive feature is that the R1 SBC is also equipped with an NFC(near-field communication) chip. You can use a mobile phone (android/IOS) to touch the motherboard to transfer data to each other, the youyeetoo team provides application example tutorials.

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