[Compatibility] youyeetoo x1 M.2 E-key

I wanted to ask about the NVMe M.2 E-key slot on the X1 SBC that accepts the WIFI/BT/4G modules. Specifically, I’m curious about its compatibility with other M.2 E-key modules, such as the “Coral M.2 Accelerator with Dual Edge TPU” and “Coral M.2 Accelerator A+E key.”

Could you please confirm if these modules are compatible with the X1 SBC’s NVMe M.2 E-key slot? This information will be crucial for our hardware compatibility testing.

Yes. It is compatible with Coral M.2 A+E key.

the Coral M.2 Accelerator with Dual Edge TPU
:slight_smile: M.2 Accelerator with Dual Edge TPU | Coral

Connector parameter :M.2 E-key (with two PCIe Gen2 x1 lanes)*

the X1 M.2 socket 2230

ps.the pin 22,32,34,36 with"CNVI" is the PCIE signal,should work with the Coral TPU module

Recommend to use the M.2 socket 2280(with PCIE signal)

and buy a Adapter boad M-KEY → E-key like this

maybe it will work

Google tpu on youyeetoo x1.